I-99/US 220 Construction: I-99/US 220 at the Shiloh Road Interchange

March 24, 2002 Photos by Timothy Reichard

Shiloh Road intersects both PA 150 and PA 26 near their junction and just north of the Nittany Mall. The road from PA 150 to I-99/US 220 was graded and widened. The Shiloh Road interchange will provide access between I-99/US 220 and the commerical area near PA 26 and PA 150 to the east.


This offramp leads from I-99/US 220 southbound to Shiloh Road.


This photo shows the same offramp, with the corresponding onramp from Shiloh Road to I-99/US 220 southbound on the right side of the barrier.


Now looking on the right side of the barrier, the clover leaf onramp can be seen curving 180 degrees to the right to meet the mainline freeway. This is the only clover leaf in the interchage. The other ramps are diamond-style ramps.


Stone and drainage contours have been built into the middle of the clover leaf.


This view shows the onramp and offramp meeting southbound I-99/US 220.


Here the clover leaf ramp meets the mainline. This view is from the other side of the Shiloh Road overpass.


Here is another view of the offramp from southbound I-99/US 220.


Facing in the same direction (to the north), this is the onramp to I-99/US 220 northbound, complete with a view of the interstate to the north.


Here is a closer view of the mainline as it ascends the distant hill. The PA 150 interchange is just to the north.


Here is the southbound view as seen from the Shiloh Road overpass. The big green sign for the next exit can be seen in the distance, as well as Innovation Park at Penn State in the farther distance.


Here is a zoomed-in view of the mainline to the south. It descends past the big green sign for "Exit 74, Innovation Park, Penn State University, Exit 1 Mile," curves to the right, crosses bridges over Rock Road and Big Hollow Road, and curves back to the left to the Park Avenue partial interchange. The buildings in the top left are Innovation Park.


Here is a closeup of the big green Exit 74 sign.


More excavations have been done as the mainline curves to the right ahead. The big green sign is the same Exit 74 sign as above.


Here is the southern view as seen from the offramp from I-99/US 220 northbound.


Here is a closer view of the offramp from I-99/US 220 northbound.


That offramp meets Shiloh Road here. Shiloh Road meets PA 150 a mile to the right.


Finally, here is the beginning of the onramp to I-99/US 220 northbound, which the ramp meets behind the camera.


The onramp meets I-99/US 220 northbound.



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