I-99/US 220 Construction: Shiloh Road at the Shiloh Road Interchange

March 24, 2002 Photos by Timothy Reichard

Shiloh Road intersects both PA 150 and PA 26 near their junction and just north of the Nittany Mall. The road from PA 150 to I-99/US 220 was graded and widened. The Shiloh Road interchange will provide access between I-99/US 220 and the commerical area near PA 26 and PA 150 to the east.


Here is Shiloh Road looking east on the west side of the interchange. A new stop sign has been posted but covered up. I-99/US 220 traffic entering Shiloh Road from the left will not have to stop. Behind the camera, Shiloh Road connects to a fish hatchery that has No Trespassing signs. There is virtually no traffic on Shiloh Road, as its main function in this area is access to the restricted fish hatchery.


This photo shows the same two ramps but viewed from the other side. This closed offramp and onramp lead to and from I-99/US 220 southbound.


A wider view of the ramps.


Here is the Shiloh Road bridge as viewed from Shiloh Road eastbound.


Here is the same bridge from Shiloh Road westbound.


Shiloh Road is carried over mainline I-99/US 220. This view is from the east bank.


This bridge is the same overpass but viewed from the west bank.


The approach to the interchange from Shiloh Road westbound has a second eastbound lane for merging traffic. The red and white striped signs mark the ends of the closed northbound I-99/US 220 on- and offramps.


Farther to the east, Shiloh Road is paved with new asphalt. The shoulders have been widened to the width of a lane.


Shiloh Road is quite straight for its length between the interchange and PA 150, which is about a mile ahead.


Trout Road meets Shiloh Road here, about halfway between I-99/US 220 and PA 150, which can be seen in the distance.


Closer to PA 150, a center turning lane has been added to the widened Shiloh Road.


New PA 150 shields have been installed at the approach to PA 150. PA 150 marks the eastern boundary of the Shiloh Road construction. Less than a half mile ahead, Shiloh Road ends at PA 26.



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