I-99/US 220/US 322 Construction: Scotia Road to Skytop Mountain

September 2002 Photos by Geoff Hatchard

Construction on a new segment of I-99/US 220/US 322 began in Summer 2002. This segment connects the new Scotia Road interchange (partially open as of late Summer 2002) with the massive excavations on Skytop Mountain to the west. Geoff Hatchard shares his photos and commentary.

On PA 550 (Buffalo Run Rd.), heading northeast towards US 322. The clearing on the side of the mountain is where I-99 will be after it clears Skytop.


Still on PA 550, north of US 322. This area is just east of the clearing in the previous photo. This is where I-99 will cross over PA 550. Lots of grading still to be done here.


On Harvard Road, looking west towards area photographed in the previous photo.


Same area, taken from side of US 322 westbound, just west of western intersection with Harvard Road.


On Skytop, in the parking lot of a chiropractor's practice. Looking across US 322 to the part of Skytop that has been cut away. I'll be heading out to get better pictures of Skytop and some of the Port Matilda area in the near future. (There I am in the bottom of the picture!)


On US 322 heading eastbound from Skytop. You can see where they are clearing (and likely to do some cutting down into the mountain). This is just west of the cleared spot in the first picture. Jersey barrier is there to separate construction traffic from regular traffic.


Clearing and grading for future I-99 roadway between Scotia Road interchange and Skytop. I am on the south side of the roadbed here, looking northwest. The clearing visible in the first picture can be seen in the distance. This point was accessed from a new development, Ferne Hollow. Just a lot of empty lots for now, that's how I was able to get to where I am.


Same spot as the previous photo, looking east. You can see the US 322/Curve Hill Road intersection near the center of the photo.


Same spot, zoomed in.

Relocated US 322 traverses its new mountain cut below. —Timothy Reichard


Same spot as previous 3 pictures, facing northwest again. This photo is just to the right of the previous photo.


Just west of previous 4 pictures, you get a good perspective of the future grade of I-99 here.


Same spot, looking east again.



Back on US 322 eastbound. Approaching Scotia Road interchange. (There is a sticker on my windshield that says DODGE in capital letters!) Clearing and grading for future I-99 to my immediate right.


On Sellers Lane, just west of Scotia Road interchange. I-99 will pass directly overhead. These are just 3 enormous trucks (I guess they're for hauling away fill) that were parked at the edge of the embankment. The Scotia Road interchange is behind me.



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