I-99/US 220/US 322 Construction: The Scotia Road Interchange

September 2002 Photos by Geoff Hatchard

The Scotia Road interchange underwent a significant transformation between July and September 2002. Geoff Hatchard shares his photos and commentary of the new configuration.

The Scotia Road Interchange

Now we're at the Scotia Road interchange. I'm on the ramp that currently carries mainline US 322 westbound. Traffic from BUS 322 westbound (Atherton Rd.) entering from left. First uncovered US 220 sign, although I'm sure they jumped the gun here.

This overhead guide sign and the one in the distance are the first signs to be posted for the temporary (2002-2006?) non-expressway relocation of US 220 between the current US 220/US 322 split in Marthas Furnace and the State College Bypass. —Timothy Reichard


A similar sign bridge, with Scotia Road uncovered. The bridge carries mainline US 322 eastbound currently (and until construction is complete from Port Matilda to this point). Red car visible just under the bridge on the loop ramp that also carries mainline US 322 from the bridge to the eastbound freeway. The left lane only for Scotia Road will be a ramp from southbound mainline I-99 in the future. This sign bridge will likely be changed in the future, but I'm not 100% sure what the roadway configuration will finally end up like at this place in the future. The situation is still very fluid, and will likely remain that way until the road is complete to Port Matilda. Compare Feb. 2002.


Driving on Scotia Road exit ramp from westbound US 322. Roadway to the immediate left is future I-99 southbound. Jersey barrier to left separates ramp from future mainline I-99. Same bridge as previous photo.


Just past point where the previous photo was taken. Current stub end of I-99 roadway visible. Ramp barely visible near middle of picture from current eastbound US 322 to future southbound I-99. Though nearly complete, this ramp will see no traffic for years until stub end is connected through to Port Matilda. The ramp I am currently on curves around to meet up with current eastbound US 322 and takes me over the bridge visible in the previous photo.


Still on loop ramp, now looking back towards bridge from photo before previous photo. Ramp with adjacent jersey barrier visible under bridge.


Same spot as previous photo, looking out driver side window at junction of service road (just renamed Curve Hill Road) with current mainline US 322. One of many cuts in the rock and earth visible here, although this is the least impressive of many.


At intersection of Stevenson Road and current US 322. Looking eastbound. Jersey barrier keeps traffic off of ramp to unfinished I-99 southbound..


On Curve Hill Road, north of US 322 and I-99 lanes, this is the sign bridge from the first photo on this page.


On Curve Hill Road, just west of the last picture, looking at the back of that sign bridge. Mainline westbound US 322 (reduced to one lane ramp) on left, BUS 322 (Atherton Road) entering from right. Unused lane is future ramp from Atherton to southbound I-99.


Same spot as previous photo, looking across southbound future I-99. White Pontiac is in current eastbound US 322 lanes (future I-99 northbound). Covered US 220 shield visible on BGS, with control cities of Lewistown and Bellefonte. Jersey barrier to right of car separates (unopened) ramp from Scotia Road to Atherton (2 ramps merge to form the two lanes of eastbound Atherton Street. One will come from Scotia Road and one from US 322).


Back in car on Curve Hill Road, looking at US 220/US 322 sign bridge. Cuts in rock visible in background.


On Curve Hill Road looking at Scotia Road bridge over I-99 mainline. Curve Hill Road is about 15-20 feet above US 322 westbound lane, visible below. US 322 eastbound travels over the bridge, then turns right onto a loop ramp to the freeway below.


Same spot as previous picture. Westbound US 322 is immediately below, with Scotia Road behind that. Mainline future I-99 visible behind that, with loop ramp carrying eastbound US 322 visible in front of rock cut. Future ramp from I-99 northbound to Scotia Road also visible in front of cut.


Again, same vantage point. Looking down into biggest cut in Scotia Road interchange. US 322 mainline closest to big cut, and visible again on the left edge of picture. Ramp in middle of picture same ramp I was on in the 3rd-6th photos on this page.


Once more from this vantage point. (In order from closest to farthest): US 322 westbound, US 322 eastbound (and end of Scotia Road), loop ramp from 3rd-6th pictures, ramp from eastbound US 322 to southbound I-99, stub end of I-99 mainline. Current mainline US 322 visible on right-center of picture, with clearing on top of mountain in background.


Same as previous photo, zoomed out.


On Curve Hill Road, just before intersection with US 322. Space available for US 220, and room on the top of the pole for I-99.


Close up of signs seen in the background of previous photo. Lots of room for US 220 and I-99 shields.


Signs similar to previous photo, but just past them (near the intersection of US 322 and Curve Hill Road). Lots of room for US 220 and I-99 again. Also, future I-99 grade visible in background. Black spots in the middle of the cleared area (just above the orange construction sign) are the trucks from this picture.


Just past spot where I took the previous photo. This is the intersection of Curve Hill Road and US 322. Grey car on US 322. The Road Closed sign is on a short ramp that will connect Curve Hill Road to the ramp from US 322 eastbound to I-99 southbound. Mainline I-99 visible in background.


On Curve Hill Road at US 322 intersection, looking along westbound US 322 and future I-99 grade. Trucks again visible in center of I-99 grade. Jersey barrier barely noticeable in middle of photo separating ramp from US 322 eastbound to I-99 southbound.


I'm on Ghaner Road. This is looking southbound onto what used to be Scotia Road. New Scotia Road is just to the right of the picture, rerouted to head over the new bridge over I-99. The old asphalt isn't long for this world.


On southern end of Scotia Road bridge over I-99, driving north. The construction vehicle is on the grade that will have the ramp from Scotia Road to Atherton Street (Business US 322). Bright white jersey barrier in middle of picture is beginning of separation of this ramp from the northbound I-99 lanes. The sign bridge to the left that you can see the back of is the same one as in the first photo on this page.


On northern end of Scotia Road bridge over I-99, driving north. From left to right: Curve Hill Road, US 322 westbound, ramp to Scotia Road, grade for southbound I-99, and future northbound I-99 (current eastbound US 322).


On northern end of Scotia Road bridge over I-99, driving south. The same loop ramp from this photo visible in background here. The other loop I drove on is in the foreground, with I-99 mainline in between.


Driving on loop ramp from previous picture. Previous picture taken from just under light post on left edge of this shot.


Just east of Scotia Road bridge on future northbound I-99 lanes. The sign bridge is the same one visible near the center of this photo.

Nearby Construction

(Quick side trip) On new extension of Grey's Wood Blvd., just past intersection with Meeks Lane. Heading southwest towards Grey's Wood Elementary school. Road not completely finished yet, as evidenced by centerline area not being paved. I don't know if they're going to but some kind of barrier in there, but I would assume that's the case.


Further down new Grey's Wood Blvd. Road now has grass median, approaching roundabout (sign gives this one away!)


Bad picture of roundabout, but it was the best I could do. Cones approximate center of circle. Road behind car antenna and heading off picture to the right are just stubs to nowhere.


Back on Grey's Wood Blvd., heading NE towards Meeks Lane.


Intersection of Grey's Wood Blvd. and Meeks Lane, looking NE.



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