I-99/US 220/US 322 Construction: Scotia Road Interchange

January 30-February 3, 2002 Photos by Timothy Reichard


Heading westbound on US 322, the construction begins by narrowing westbound traffic to one lane, the offramp to a relocated US 322. The bridge ahead carries the westernmost segment of Business US 322 (North Atherton Street).. US 322 traffic now bypasses the Scotia Road interchange area another mile ahead.

Previously, Scotia Road met the narrowing stub end of the US 322/State College Bypass with a single offramp from the eastbound lanes. Now US 322 has been relocated just to north (right) of the old alignment, which is being transformed into a complete interchange for relocated US 322, Scotia Road, and the new I-99/US 220 alignment.

The US 322 relocation is temporary. Before US 322 is re-relocated later in 2002, US 220 will be relocated to duplex with US 322 from the Martha Furnace interchange (current US 220/US 322 split) up Skytop Mountain to the new Park Avenue interchange (nearly completed I-99/US 220 & US 322 split), when the new US 220 alignment from Park Avenue to the PA 26/Bellefonte Bypass is completed. A few years later (2006-8?), new I-99/US 220 from Bald Eagle to Scotia Road will be complete, and all three routes (I-99, US 220, US 322) will follow the new alignment. Then the current relocated US 322 will become an SR route.


Here the offramp carrying US 322 (center) meets the end of Business US 322 (lane merging from the left) on the other side of the Business US 322 interchange. The old US 322 alignment, which is also Future I-99/US 220, is off to the left.


Toward the end of the straight strech of relocated US 322, large piles of dirt are visible. These are the beginnings of the Scotia Road interchange.


Straight ahead beyond the curve in the road is the excavation work for the Scotia Road interchange. Just to the right of the closest car (center) is a future bridge abutment in the distance. To its left is where US 322 used to go. Now US 322 curves to the right. The two-lane road at the right is the relocated Service Road.


Rounding the curve, relocated US 322 veers away from the future alignment and through a new mountain cut.


Next to the mountain cut is the relocated intersection of relocated Service Road, which heads to the right here. On the left side of US 322, the beginnings of ramps to I-99/US 220 and Scotia Road are visible.


This view of the same mountain cut is from the other direction on relocated US 322. Both portions, concrete and pavement, of the road are new.


Further west on westbound US 322, the west end of the construction zone is visible here. Before construction began, US 322 followed this road until the short bridge just before the curve to the left. The road continued straight ahead, through the current mound of dirt, and connected to the western stub end of the State College Bypass.

Once construction began in 2000, US 322 was moved to curve to the right into the green grass at the right side of the photo. The dark lines on the pavement show where the old pavement lines guided traffic. US 322 then crossed a temporary bridge and continued onto the short patch of pavement visible in the distance just to the right of the yellow side road sign. US 322 then rejoined its old routing near the mound of dirt. During this phase of temporary US 322 relocation, the current relocation (the concrete road at the left through the mountain cut) was constructed.

Once current relocated US 322 was complete, the old US 322 road was covered underneath the mound of dirt that is becoming the Scotia Road interchange. The new I-99/US 220 alignment will parallel US 322 here to the right once this section is bid in 2002.


Looking westbound along US 322 again, with the mound of dirt to the left, the new intersection with Stevenson Road is visible. Stevenson Road heads to the right. What is left of the temporary US 322 is off to the left.


Heading back to the other side of the mound of dirt, big green signs have been posted on the recently reconstructed (but still closed) alignment. Relocated US 322 is the concrete at the bottom of the photo.


Continuing back to the east, an opened part of the reconstructed eastbound lanes leads to the resigned western terminus of Business US 322, which is Atherton Street through State College. Before the State College Bypass was built, US 322 went through town. Off to the bottom left of the photo, left of the westbound lanes, is the merger of relocated US 322 and Business US 322.


These are the big green signs at the US 322/Business US 322 split. The US 220 shield is covered up, and space is left for the eventual I-99 designation.


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