I-99/US 220/US 322 Construction: The Park Avenue Interchange

September 2002 Photos by Geoff Hatchard

Geoff Hatchard revisted the Park Avenue Interchange in September 2002 to photodocument the construction progress.

Approaching Exit 73 and Innovation Park on Park Ave.


Sign bridge under I-99 on Park Ave.


On loop ramp from westbound US 322 to Park Ave. Westbound US 322 roadway visible under bridges, the closest of which carries mainline I-99 southbound. Perspective makes clearance under bridges look low, but it is at least 15 feet.


On ramp from northbound Park Ave. to eastbound US 322, looking back along fly-under ramp from I-99 southbound. Bridges are (from closest to farthest): eastbound US 322, westbound US 322, and I-99 mainline bridges. Compare the same ramp in July 2002 from the other side of the bridges.


Sign bridge on westbound US 322, approaching the big interchange. Still haven't fixed the PA 322 goof. The BGS on the right says (for those who don't know): North US 220 to I-80 Bellefonte Exit Only. A space is left for the I-99 shield near the top. The BGS on the left also has this space, with a US 220 shield covered. Compare Jan. 2002 and Feb. 2002.


Still on westbound US 322. Mound of dirt barely visible to the right is the embankment for the ramp from westbound US 322 to northbound I-99. Mainline I-99 bridges nearly complete.



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