I-99/US 220 Construction: Buffalo Run Road/PA 550 Interchange

March 24, 2002 Photos by Timothy Reichard

Before I-80 was completed in Centre County, US 220 followed current PA 64 and PA 550 from Mill Hall southwestward to Bellefonte, meeting PA 26 in town. US 220 was later rerouted onto I-80, and PA 550 was extended eastward from Bellefonte to take its place. The Bellefonte Bypass was built, complete with an interchange with PA 550, and like US 220, PA 26 was rerouted around Bellefonte when it previous went through the town. Upon completion of the expressway from the State College Bypass to the Bellefonte Bypass, US 220 will follow both bypasses, and both routes (US 220 and PA 26) that once met in Bellefonte will meet at this completed interchange to the east.

Unlike the nearly complete interchanges along I-99/US 220's path, this completed and open interchange with PA 550 has not been signed with exit numbers. This interchange is unsigned Exit 83.


Exit 83 is a full interchange with one clover leaf, which the white minivan will follow to reach PA 550 below.



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