I-99/US 220 Construction: Bridges over PA 144

March 24, 2002 Photos by Timothy Reichard

PA 144 runs through the I-99/US 220 corridor, yet the route is barely affected by the new expressway. The interstate runs over the road without an interchange. PA 144 is more affected by the US 220 relocation, which will remove the US 220 designation from the US 220/PA 144 duplex in Wingate and Milesburg to the west.

I-99/US 220 crosses PA 144 over these tall bridges, which are several stories high.


Here are the other halves of the four-span bridges. PA 144 is hidden in the shadow at the bottom of the photo.


Here is a view of one pier, complete with drainage pipes.


Here is a closer view of the bridge beams resting on the pier. Drainage pipes are connected on both sides of the bridge.


A close-up of the bottom of a pier shows the stone-like exterior that was placed on the pier bottoms. The guard rail is of typical size, so this may give an idea of the size of the pier. PA 144 is the two-lane road just past the guard rail.


Here is a wider view of the same bridge pier bottom.


Here is a view from below of the middle of the bridge.


Here is another such view.


Zooming in and adding some light shows the bottom of the bridge deck and the beam structure.



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