I-99/US 220 Construction: Harrison Road Interchange

March 24, 2002 Photos by Timothy Reichard

Harrison Road provides access between PA 26 and PA 144 in Pleasant Gap, PA 144 in Axemann, and Bellefonte. The Harrison Road interchange is a half-diamond partial interchange, allowing access from I-99/US 220 northbound to Harrison Road and from Harrison Road to I-99/US 220 southbound. There is insufficient room to place two diamond ramps on the northeast side of the interchange because of the close proximity of the PA 26 interchange less than a mile to the northeast.


The mainline I-99/US 220 expressway can be seen from atop a hill near the Harrison Road interchange. In the center and toward the left of the photo, big green signs advertise the PA 150 interchange to the southwest. Toward the right, backs of big green Harrison Road and PA 26 signs are mounted on an overheard gantry and along the side of the road.


The offramp to Harrison Road can also be seen from the hilltop.


Harrison Road westbound descends a hill while crossing I-99/US 220. The one-way arrows at the left are posted along the end of the offramp from I-99/US 220 northbound.


Further ahead, past the offramp, the bridge over I-99/US 220 begins.


The bridge is state-maintained because it serves as an overpass to an interstate highway. The bridge has two little white signs mounted on it, showing the designation as SR 3047.


On the back of the little white sign is another little white sign, indicating the end of the state route. A similar pair of co-mounted little white signs are mounted on the other end of the end of the bridge. The offramp ends just past the "no right turn" sign.


On the west end of the bridge, Harrison Road ascends a fairly steep but short hill to reach the overpass.


Back on the east end of the bridge, the offramp curves away from the mainline and up the hill to meet Harrison Road.


Jumping back to the west end of the bridge, the onramp leaves Harrison Road and joins the interstate southbound.


Here is a view of the Harrison Road two-span overpass over mainline I-99/US 220.


Facing southwestward from the overpass, one can see the interstate lanes and median, complete with inner guard rail on the northbound lanes.


Here is another view of the highway from the center of the overpass, facing southwestward.


In the distance is the overhead gantry with signs for the Harrison Road and PA 26 exits over the northbound lanes. Further in the distance, on the right side of the highway, are big green signs for the PA 150 exit, the same signs seen in the first photo above.


Turning around and facing northeastward on the overpass, the expressway curves back to the north to meet PA 26 at the new high-speed interchange.



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