Road Photo Trip 8/5/01 - Clearfield and Western Centre Counties Part I

by Timothy Reichard

This trip begins leaving State College on PA 26 northbound. The trip had two goals. First, I wanted to capture on film signs of the duplexes that are abundant in the Milesburg-Bellefonte area north of State College. Second, I wanted to head west and photograph the PA 53 family that connects much of rural Clearfield County. Of course, I'd fill in the gaps with other termini and muliplexes.

I began by purchasing some film at the Wal-Mart north of State College. Conveniently, this store is located very near the southern terminus of PA 150.

The southern terminus of PA 150 is at PA 26 about 4 mi north of State College. Coincidentally, PA 26 ends at PA 150 near Howard about 20 mi to the north. Photo shot 8/5/01.

Next stop: Duplexland...err...uhh...Bellefonte. Three routes serve this small town: PA 144, PA 150, and PA 550, all of which are signed North/South. Continuing north on PA 150, I first meet PA 550.

PA 150 northbound and PA 550 northbound meet just behind the camera here in southern Bellefonte. Photo shot 8/5/01.

About a half mile to the north, PA 150 and PA 550 split alongside Spring Creek. The split is just behind the camera. Typically in PA, the lower number in a duplex of two state routes is put on top (or to the left) of the higher number, but here this is not the case. Photo shot 8/5/01.

The shields in the previous photo appear in the center of this photo, which was taken along a 4dPA SR. The SR is one of the four streets meeting at a traffic signal off the left side of the photo, where the duplex begins to the right, PA 150 heads left to the PA 144/PA 150 duplex a few blocks to the north, and PA 550 continues straight ahead for two blocks to form the PA 144/PA 550 duplex.

The PA 144/PA 550 duplex is just a block long and two blocks away, so I decided to photograph that duplex before continuing on PA 150.

This intersection marks the southern split of the wrong-way duplex. Traffic heads southbound on PA 550 to reach this intersection. Photo shot 8/5/01.

This intersection, one block north of the previous one, shows the northern split of the duplex. A few blocks to the left, PA 144 meets PA 150 to begin another duplex in Bellefonte. PA 550 split from PA 150 just two blocks behind the camera. Photo shot 8/5/01.

Two duplexes down, one to go.

The southern split of the PA144/PA 150 duplex is at the north end of Bellefonte. Here the two roads merge. PA 150 is the road to the left of the PA 144 and PA 150 shields, and PA 144 is to the right. PA 150 northbound traffic has the only stop sign at the intersection, and those drivers must twist their head almost 180 degrees to check for PA 144 northbound traffic. A few blocks to the south are the northern splits of the PA 144/PA 550 and PA 150/PA 550 duplexes. Photo shot 8/5/01.

The three Bellefonte duplexes were now on film. I headed north to shoot the northern end of this duplex and to find more.

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