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Downloadable Highway Shield Images
Interstate, US Route, and State Route Shields

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Available shields: The links below lead to downloadable graphics for Interstate highway, US highway, and state highway shields for all integers 0–999. Delaware, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia state highway shields are available. Rather than making one image for each number, one image is made for each digit. The digit images can be placed side-by-side in web pages to create full-shield images. Some letter suffixes are included for US routes, and many letter suffixes are included for New York highway shields. The US and PA shields use the number font commonly used on PA state route shields. These shield shapes and digits were lifted from photos. The interstate shield and other number fonts were taken from the Shields Up! web applet.

Ease in handling these images: Using multiple images for single shields may seem awkward or cumbersome at first, but with the help of some web pages I have made, the images are easy to handle. I have made a web page for each shield type and size that contains ready-made shields for all the numbers 0-999. You can open these pages in your web editor and copy and paste the shields into your web pages without ever having to look up a shield image filename. For example (please be patient while it loads): Small US Route Shields.
Each image tag on the web pages includes ALT text showing the digit number as well as a border=0 attribute so that links can be placed on the shields without an ugly border appearing on each digit.

Image sizes: The shield images are available in four sizes. The shield graphics are created first to a large size that is suitable for resizing to smaller sizes. Then three copies of each shield are made by reducing the largest size. The largest size varies between type of shield, but the three reduced sizes all have identical heights: 144 px for Large, 72 px for Medium, and 36 px for Small. The shield widths for each shield type are uniform and given number of digits (e.g., the numbers 100-999 all have identical widths for each shield type). Three-digit shields use a wide shield (5:4 ratio), as is common signing practice in many states. Interstate shields lack a state name and have a transparent background and white trim for colored web page backgrounds. The other shields fill out a rectangle and have no transparency. If alternative sizes are required, the largest size images can be quickly reduced using a batch job in Photoshop, done best in RGB mode rather than an indexed color mode.

Future additions: I hope to include shield images for blue pentagon county highways as well as and more letter suffixes and a standard font for US highways. I may also make shield images for green loop and spur interstates.

If you find these images useful, please include a link to this page on your web site. Thanks!



For each shield type, four sets (small, medium, large, and full-size) of numbers 0-999 are collected and compressed with WinZip. Extract the files to a subdirectory of your web directory. Each zip file includes .html files with all the images 0-999 for easy copy/pasting.

1 Interstate Shields 748 KB Small Samples
2 Interstate Business Loop Shields 1181 KB Small Samples
3 Interstate Business Spur Shields 1190 KB Small Samples
United States Route Shields 668 KB Small Samples
Pennsylvania Route Shields (new version; separate 2dpa and 3dpa shields) 684 KB Small Samples
Pennsylvania Route Shields (old version; 3dpa shields use 2dpa digits with a middle digit inserted) 402 KB Small Samples
Maryland Route Shields 962 KB Small Samples
Delaware, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Jersey, Oklahoma
(Circle) Route Shields
425 KB Small Samples
Ohio Route Shields 673 KB Small Samples
Maine, Massachusetts, West Virginia (Square & Rectangle) Route Shields 523 KB Small Samples
10 New York Route Shields (includes letter suffixes and 4dny shields that are 3-digit numbers with a letter suffix) 1603 KB Small Samples
11 Virginia Route Shields 811 KB Small Samples


77 KB





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