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US 6(E-W)/PA 46(S-N) Duplex

US 6 and PA 46 join for a mile from East Smethport to Smethport in McKean County.

David Slauenwhite 5/13/02

PA 46 is one route in a series of routes that form duplexes in consecutive towns across the middle of the northern tier of the state. To the east, US 6 joins PA 155 in Port Allegany and PA 44 in Coudersport. Here US 6 joins PA 46 in East Smethport and heads into the town of Smethport.


David Slauenwhite 5/13/02

Here is a wider view of the eastern split along PA 46 northbound, which meets US 6 at the stop sign.


David Slauenwhite 5/13/02

Another view shows the signs seen on US 6 westbound. PA 46 shields are posted at the right.


Jason Bennett 3/00

In the eastern end of Smethport US 6 and PA 46 meet at the western end of the duplex.


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