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US 322(E-W)/PA 72(S-N) Duplex

US Route 322 and Pennsylvania Route 72 join for a half mile around Cornwall in Lebanon County.

Jason Ilyes 2/8/02

Eastbound on US 322 passed PA 419 at the west end of the Cornwall bypass.


Jason Ilyes 2/8/02

PA 72 south merges with US 322 east, and the bypass becomes a four-lane expressway. The PA 117 exit is just ahead.


Jason Ilyes 2/8/02

Turning around at the PA 117 interchange, signs for the northern split appear as the PA 117 onramp merges with the expressway.


Jason Ilyes 2/8/02

The northern split as seen from the northbound duplex. The limited-access expressway ends just past this interchange.



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