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US 220(N-S)/Truck PA 42 (Eagles Mere)(N-S) Duplex

US 220 and Truck PA 42 join for a 9 mile same-way duplex from Muncy Valley to Laporte in Sullivan County.

David Slauenwhite 4/4/02

Truck PA 42 routes truck traffic away from the 10 mile mountainous stretch of PA 42 through Eagles Mere between Laporte and Muncy Valley. PA 42 ends here at US 220 in Laporte and duplexes with US 220 for a mile south of Muncy Valley, which is 9 miles south of here. Truck PA 42 follows US 220 between its junctions with PA 42 and ends at both junctions. Here is the northern end of Truck PA 42, and hence, the northern end of the US 220/Truck PA 42 duplex, as viewed from northbound US 220/Truck PA 42.


David Slauenwhite 4/4/02

Here is the northern end from the view of US 220 southbound. Truck PA 42 begins just ahead, while PA 42 begins just ahead and heads west.


David Slauenwhite 4/4/02

Nine miles to the south, US 220/Truck PA 42 meets PA 42 again, and Truck PA 42 ends. PA 42 joins US 220 here and forms the US 220/PA 42 duplex.


David Slauenwhite 4/4/02

Here is the southern end of Truck PA 42 as viewed from PA 42 southbound. US 220/Truck PA 42 northbound heads to the left here, but Truck PA 42 does not need to be signed from this view.



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