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US 220(N-S)/PA 42(N-S) Duplex

US 220 and PA 42 join for a 1 mile same-way duplex from Muncy Valley to Beech Glen in Sullivan County.

David Slauenwhite 4/4/02

US 220 and PA 42 cross Muncy Creek here, just south of the northern split. US 220 mainly parallels Muncy Creek from here south to Muncy.


David Slauenwhite 4/4/02

Here at the northern split (and also at the southern split), Bloomsburg (via PA 42) and Williamsport (via US 220) are about the same distance away to the south.


David Slauenwhite 4/4/02

This is the view of the northern split from US 220 southbound. PA 42 ascends and descends mountainous terrain north of the US 220/PA 42 duplex, and so a Truck PA 42 route is posted along US 220 from here to the north. Nine miles to the north, PA 42 meets US 220 again, and both PA 42 and Truck PA 42 end there. Thus this northern split of US 220/PA 42 is also the southern end of the US 220/Truck PA 42 duplex and the southern end of Truck PA 42.


David Slauenwhite 4/4/02

A mile to the south, US 220 and PA 42 meet here at the southern split.


David Slauenwhite 4/4/02

At the southern split, side-by-side reassurance shields are posted.



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