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US 219(N-S)/US 322(W-E) Duplex

US 219 and US 322 join for 3 miles from Luthersburg to west of Salem in Clearfield County.

David Slauenwhite 4/12/02

US 219 and US 322 meet here in Luthersburg. This view is along US 322 westbound, and US 219 joins from the left at a small angle.


David Slauenwhite 4/12/02

This intersection is barely out of sight in the previous photo. PA 410 begins here today, but extended further east before US 322 was rerouted to its current path. Previously, US 322 headed southwestward from Clearfield along current PA 879 to US 219 in Grampian, where US 322 joined US 219. The US 219/US 322 duplex was a bit longer then. Later construction, either concerning the PA 879 Clearfield bypass or the US 322/PA 153 expressway through Black Moshannon State Forest, warranted some changes: US 322 was rerouted to the expressway and took over PA 410 from PA 153 to Luthersburg, PA 410 was truncated to Luthersburg, and PA 879 was extended to US 219 to take over the old US 322. The path of US 219/US 322 and PA 410 did not change west of the intersection shown in this photo, which was once the western split of PA 410 from US 219/US 322.


David Slauenwhite 4/12/02

Three miles to the northwest, US 219 and US 322 split. The intersection is shaped like a "T" but with an extra land for US 219 northbound traffic to split off from US 322; this lane is shown in this photo and designated as SR 9107. The rest of US 219 and US 322 traffic splits or merges in the distance in the center of the photo.


David Slauenwhite 4/12/02

Here is a close-up view of the shields in the previous photo.


David Slauenwhite 4/12/02

Three US routes form a triangle south of Du Bois. US 119 ends at US 219 at the northern corner, and US 219 and US 322 form the other two triangle sides and merge into the duplex to the eastern corner. This photo shows the confirmation shields near the western split. US 322 may some day be relocated to I-80 and the Corridor O expressway, which is being studied in the Philipsburg area, 10 miles beyond Clearfield.



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