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US 219(N-S)/PA 346(E-W) Duplex

US 219 and PA 346 join for 2 miles through Bradford in McKean County.

Jason Bennett 3/00

US 219 follows the Bradford bypass expressway through the city. This view is on US 219 northbound heading into the city. The Elm Street exit is where PA 346 meets US 219 from the west. The Kendall Avenue exit is the northern terminus of PA 46.


Douglas Kerr 12/12/01

Here is the Elm Street exit. PA 346 runs through the western part of town before join the expressway here. US 219/PA 346 is signed on the leftmost overhead sign with control city Salamanca, NY.


Douglas Kerr 12/12/01

PA 46 begins at the Kendall Avenue exit.


Douglas Kerr 12/12/01

At the northern split, PA 346 exits. Foster Brook is a small village to the east where PA 346 crosses old US 219.


Douglas Kerr 12/12/01

Heading southbound on US 219 toward the duplex.


Douglas Kerr 12/12/01

PA 346 joins US 219 at this interchange, the northern split.


Douglas Kerr 12/12/01

PA 46 exits next, then PA 346 at the southern split. PA 346 west follows Forman Street, while PA 346 east follows Elm Street before joining US 219 on the Bradford bypass.


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