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209 33

US 209(N-S)/PA 33(N-S) Duplex

US 209 and PA 33 join for a 3-mile, same-way duplex from Hamilton Square to Snydersville in Monroe County.

Douglas Kerr 12/1/02

Northbound reassurance shields on US 209/PA 33.


Douglas Kerr 12/1/02

Northbound approaching the northern split.


Douglas Kerr 12/1/02

Nearing the northern split. One lane each follows PA 33 and US 209. The next exit for each route is I-80: I-80 west from PA 33 and I-80 east from US 209. This part of the Poconos is full of ski resorts, such as Camelback.



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209 33
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