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Plumville Multiplexes

85 210
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85 210 

PA 85(E-W)/PA 210(N-S) Duplex

PA 85 and PA 210 join for 2 miles through Plumville in Indiana County.

David Brunot 4/02

Just to the west, between the PA 85/PA 210 western split and the PA 85/PA 210/PA 954 western split, an unusual sign assembly indicates that PA 210 leaves PA 85. The direction banner SOUTH is more typically placed above the shield than below.


David Brunot 4/02

Another unusual assembly stands at the triangle-shaped western split.



85 210 954

PA 85(E-W)/PA 210(N-S)/PA 954(N-S) Triplex

PA 954 joins PA 85/PA 210 for one mile through Plumville in Indiana County.

David Brunot 4/02

These confirmation shields stand just east of the intersection where PA 954 joins PA 85/PA 210. The signs can be seen from the unusual PA 210 shields shown above. This assembly is one of only a handful holding shields of a state route triplex.



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