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PA 66(N-S)/PA 948(S-N) Duplex

PA 66 and PA 948 join in opposite directions for a 3 mile wrong-way duplex through Russell City in Elk County.

David Slauenwhite 5/13/02

Both PA 66 and PA 948 traverse the Allegheny National Forest through Elk County. One might find difficulty in believing that PA 66, which follows a path through remote areas in this forst is the same route that becomes a Turnpike expressway some 100 miles to the south. PA 948 is also a long route, quite long for a 900-series route, but remains mainly in rural areas through its trek to Ridgway and beyond.


David Slauenwhite 5/13/02

In Chaffee, which is a tiny town of little extent beyond the upcoming intersection, PA 66 and PA 948 split apart at the western split.


David Slauenwhite 5/13/02

PA 66 then continues through the forest.


David Slauenwhite 5/13/02

Back at the western split, PA 948 joins PA 66 here. PA 66 ends in Kane to the north and forms an interstate duplex with I-80 near Clarion to the south. PA 948 merges with US 219 in Ridgway.


David Slauenwhite 5/13/02

Following both PA 66 and PA 948 eastward, a sign marking the Allegheny National Forest has been erected.


David Slauenwhite 5/13/02

Finally, the two routes split here. PA 66 heads north to US 6, and PA 948 heads south to US 219.



Terraserver Imagery

  • 1977 Topo. · PA 66/PA 948 duplex
  • 1996 Topo. · PA 66/PA 948 western split
  • 1996 Topo. · PA 66/PA 948 eastern split. Part of this image shows PA 68, the old number for current PA 66 north of Clarion.
  • 1993 Aerial · PA 66/PA 948 western split
  • 1993 Aerial · PA 66/PA 948 eastern split

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