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PA 53(N-S)/Old PA 970(S-N) Duplex

PA 53 and PA 970 used to form a wrong-way duplex for a few blocks in Osceola Mills in Clearfield County. PA 970's routing was changed in the late 1990s to follow PA 53 through the town. Then in 2005, PA 970 was truncated at US 322 to the north.

Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

Osceola Mills is a quiet town full of trees and grass. At the west end of town, PA 53 and PA 970 meet, complete with these reassurance shields.


Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

Facing the other direction, PA 970 splits off to the north here at the western split. The mileage signs read: Houtzdale 5 / Coalport 21 / Bigler 12 // Woodland 14. These towns are the sites of the northern terminus of PA 253, the northern terminus of PA 865, and the last two, the new US 322/PA 970 duplex.


Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

Here is a second view of western split, from PA 53 northbound.


Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

Just ahead at the western split, another mileage signs shows the distances to two more small towns.


Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

A third view of the western split, from PA 970 southbound, has only a junction shield for PA 53.


Timothy Reichard 8/5/01

In the middle of the duplex, two blocks from either split, the two routes round a corner in Osceola Mills. The duplex lasts just a few blocks before the routes split at the eastern split. PA 970 has a U-shaped routing along the blocks of the town.


Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

Two blocks ahead, PA 970 splits off tot he south. Before its rerouting, PA 970 northbound headed left from here; PA 53 and PA 970 merely crossed at this one intersection.


Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

Here is the eastern split as viewed from PA 53 southbound.


Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

Here is PA 970's view of the eastern split. PA 970 used to continue straight ahead.


Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

Finally, here is a lovely shot of the east beginning of the duplex.


Terraserver Imagery

  • Topo. 1976 · PA 53 and PA 970 old routing through Osceola Mills
  • Topo. 1995 · PA 53 and PA 970 old routing through Osceola Mills. Here PA 970 southbound enters the town heading southbound and turns eastward two blocks short of meeting PA 53. Today, PA 970 is routed to continue southward from this intersection to PA 53 instead of turning eastward. PA 970 turns eastward and follows PA 53 eastward for two blocks and then northward for two blocks before splitting toward the east.
  • Aerial 1994 · PA 53 and PA 970 in Osceola Mills

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