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34 944

PA 34(N-S)/PA 944(E-W) Duplex

PA 34 and PA 944 join for a half mile through Carlisle Springs in Cumberland County.

Timothy Reichard 2/24/02

This short duplex begins just southwest of Carlisle Springs in this rural part of Cumberland County. These shields stand just north of the southern split.


Timothy Reichard 2/24/02

Here is the southern split as viewed from PA 944 eastbound. This intersection is 12 miles from PA 944's eastern terminus in Enola and 5 miles from the US 11/PA 34/PA 74/PA 641 multiplexes in Carlisle.


Timothy Reichard 2/24/02

A similar sign assembly stands here at the northern split. Carlisle is still 5 miles away.


Timothy Reichard 2/24/02

The view from PA 34 southbound at the northern split shows the little white sign for SR 944. The PA 34 shield should have a PA 944 shield immediately below it, as PA 944 joins PA 34 from the left and continues straight ahead.


Terraserver Imagery

  • Topo. 1980 · PA 34/PA 944 duplex in Carlisle Springs
  • Topo. 1990 · PA 34/PA 944 duplex in Carlisle Springs
  • Aerial 1994 · PA 34/PA 944 duplex in Carlisle Springs

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