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34 274 

PA 34(N-S)/PA 274(W-E) Duplex

PA 34 and PA 274 join for 3 miles from Mecks Corner to New Bloomfield in Perry County.

Timothy Reichard 2/24/02

PA 34 and PA 274 meet at a forested southern split in Mecks Corner. Here the routes begin their uphill climb toward New Bloomfield.


Timothy Reichard 2/24/02

Facing downhill, the signs for the southern split stand. One can also make out the first reassurance markers along each route. Following PA 34 southbound from here aroud the next bend, a road on the left side of the road connects the two routes, forming a triangle with this split. That third road, though not officially PA 34 or PA 274, allows PA 34 northbound traffic to access PA 274 eastbound, and PA 274 westbound traffic to access PA 34 southbound, avoiding the sharp turn at the official southern split shown here.


Timothy Reichard 2/24/02

Three miles to the northwest, the two routes meet here in the center of the small town of New Bloomfield. This view is along PA 274 eastbound approaching the town square.


Timothy Reichard 2/24/02

In the middle of the town square is a statue honoring the country's armed forces. This view is facing northeast along PA 274 eastbound, which turns right to join with PA 34 southbound. PA 34 northbound is straight ahead, past the statue.


Timothy Reichard 2/24/02

At the town square, a rare SR duplex is signed with SR 34 (PA 34) and SR 274 (PA 274). More typically in PA, the lower numbered state route number is the SR designation for state route duplexes rather than having two SR numbers.


Timothy Reichard 2/24/02

On the south side of the town square, the first reassurance signs mark the north end of the PA 34/PA 274 duplex.


Terraserver Imagery

  • Topo. 1980 · PA 34/PA 274 duplex, shows old configuration of southern split
  • Topo. 1987 · PA 34/PA 274 southern split, shows old configuration of southern split
  • Topo. 1987 · PA 34/PA 274 northern split
  • Aerial 1994 · PA 34/PA 274 northern split, shows town square and statue
  • Aerial 1994 · PA 34/PA 274 southern split

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