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PA 144(N-S)/PA 550(S-N) Duplex

PA 144 and PA 550 form a wrong-way duplex for one block in Bellefonte in Centre County.

Timothy Reichard 8/3/02

PA 550 joins PA 144 here, near the heart of Bellefonte. This is the southern split.


Timothy Reichard 8/5/01

A wider view of the intersection.


Timothy Reichard 8/3/02

At the southern split, from the view of the duplex, both PA 144 and PA 550 turn onto streets much less steep than the street shown here.


Timothy Reichard 8/3/02

This intersection, one block north of the previous one, shows the northern split of the duplex from the view of PA 550 northbound. A few blocks to the left, PA 144 meets PA 150 to begin another duplex in Bellefonte. PA 550 split from PA 150 just two blocks behind the camera.


Timothy Reichard 8/3/02

A wider view of the northern split. PA 550 splits around the beginning of a town square before joining PA 144.


Timothy Reichard 8/3/02

A few steps back, this old, undated PA 144 shield is posted. No other shields in the Bellefonte area are even close in age to this one.




Terraserver Imagery

  • Topo. 1985 · PA 144/PA 550 duplex in Bellefonte
  • Topo. 1989 · PA 144/PA 550 duplex in Bellefonte, old routings, Old PA 26 is now PA 150
  • Aerial 1994 · PA 144/PA 550 streets in Bellefonte

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