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US 15(N-S)/Future I-99(N-S) Duplex

I-99 will join the US 15 expressway for a 75 mi same-way duplex from Williamsport, PA to Painted Post, NY in Lycoming and Tioga Counties in Pennsylvania and Steuben County in New York.

Timothy Reichard 8/4/01

This Future I-99 Corridor sign stands along a completed US 15 expressway one mile south of the PA 14/Trout Run exit. Other identical signs are posted along the US 15/Future I-99 corridor. From I-180/US 220 to I-86/NY 17, US 15 will be an expressway. More than half of the new expressway is complete, and half of the remaining sections are under construction. Once the new I-99/US 220 (Bald Eagle to Williamsport) and this new I-99/US 15 are completed, I-99 will reach from Bedford all the way to Painted Post, NY, and possibly as far as Rochester, NY.



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