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I-84(E-W)/I-380(S-N) Duplex

I-84 and I-380 join for a 4-mile unnecessary duplex through Dunmore in Lackawanna County.

Douglas Kerr 6/25/02

I-84 splits from I-380 at the southern split, each interstate taking two lanes with it. This duplex was a same-way duplex until the interstate renumbering of 2001. Then I-380 was switched from an east-west route to a north-south route.


Douglas Kerr 12/1/02

I-380 northbound at the southern split. The I-84 east comes first, then I-380 merges with I-84 west.


Douglas Kerr 3/23/03

A third view of the southern split, this time from I-84 westbound. Two lanes exit left for I-380 southbound, following the old US 611 alignment. The mainline I-84/I-380 turns northward to meet I-81/US 6 at Scranton's stack interchange.


Douglas Kerr 12/1/02

A few miles to the north, I-84/I-380 will end at I-81/US 6. Advance notice is given by this overhead sign, telling which direction of I-81 to take for a few specific Scranton exits.


Douglas Kerr 12/1/02

The end of I-84/I-380 at the stack interchange. The mainline becomes I-81 north/US 6 west, with exits to US 6 east and I-81 south. This interchange was reconstructed with the construction of the US 6 Carbondale bypass in the 1990s.


Chris Jordan 3/24/03

I-81 northbound approaching the stack interchange. Here I-81 meets both US 6 and the end of I-84/I-380.


Douglas Kerr 9/26/01

I-81 south/US 6 west at their southern split. Following US 6, I-84/I-380 begins just ahead.



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