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I-78(E-W)/US 22(E-W) Duplex

I-78 and US 22 join for a long, 43-mile, same-way duplex from Hamlin to Kuhnsville in Lebanon, Berks, and Lehigh Counties.

Dan Moraseski 9/02/02

The first eastbound reassurance shields. The onramp is from Exit 10 (PA 645), 2 miles from the western start of the duplex. US 22 enters at I-78 Exit 8.


Dan Moraseski 9/02/02

Signs for I-78/US 22 west at Exit 16, Midway Road.


Dan Moraseski 9/02/02

The corresponding eastbound signs on the other side of the small diamond interchange.


Dan Moraseski 9/02/02

43 miles from the west end, I-78/US 22 widens toward the eastern split, Exit 51. This interchange is a partial interchange. If you are going westbound on one route and want to head eastbound on the other, you have to find another way.


Dan Moraseski 9/02/02

I-78 bypasses Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton to the south while US 22 bypasses the cities to the north. US 22 was supposed to be I-78, too, but the New Jersey part of the freeway was never built.


Douglas Kerr 3/22/02

I-78/US 22 widens to four lanes eastbound at the eastern split.


Dan Moraseski 9/02/02

A closer view of the guide signs as the highway splits into two. I-78 joins PA 309 next, and then after crossing into New Jersey, recombines with US 22. Curiously, there may eventually be an I-22/US 78 duplex in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.



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