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I-180(E-W)/US 220(N-S) Duplex

I-180 and US 220 join for 14 miles to bypass Montoursville and Williamsport in Lycoming County. US 15 joins the western 3 miles of the duplex for a 3 mile three-way I-180/US 15/US 220 triplex. US 15 meets the duplex at the Basin Street exit. I-180 ends, and US 15 and US 220 split on the west side of the city.

Loyalsock exits (with the "s" of "Exits" worn off) are shown on I-180 eastbound/US 220 northbound leaving Williamsport and the I-180/US 15/US 220 triplex. US 15 southbound has just split off from the triplex and is the road going over the 50-year-old Market Street Bridge. Loyalsock is the name of this township in Lycoming County.


The next exit to the east is for Faxon, an adjacent suburb to Williamsport. Several interstate shield styles are posted along I-180 throughout its 29 miles of expressway. This style is a newer one, without the state name, even though the EAST banner is well faded. Most of the signs along the expressway are original signs from the 1970s and 1980s, with the exception of the new exit tabs. I-180 had no exit numbers until 2001 because the original plans for the interstate called for the Milton-Williamsport expressway to go all the way west to I-80 near Salona. Part of the highway west of Williamsport was built, but parts were not built. Exit numbers had not been assigned because they would have to extend from Exit 1 at the western, unbuilt end, increasing toward the east. I-180 was never finished, and so the numbers were never assigned. With the state's change to mileage-based exit numbers, I-180's numbers now give the mileage in the opposite direction, east to west from I-80.


The next exit is for Old US 220. US 220 followed Third Street through much of Williamsport and Broad Street through Montoursville.


I-180/US 220 forms a bypass looping to the north of Montoursville.


As the expressway loops to the north, an older, smaller style Pennsylvania I-180 shield is posted with a standard size US 220 shield. Usually oversized shields are used on expressways for greater visibility at high speeds.


A classic old guide sign with text for the state highway designation (PA 87), combined with a year-old exit tab.


The shades of green match a little better on the next guide sign, but mainly because the lower sign is faded.


PA 87 used to end at Broad Street (former US 220) on the south side of Montoursville. PA 87 was truncated to this interchange when I-180/US 220 was completed.


Timothy Reichard 8/4/01

The end of PA 87 southbound at the I-180/US 220 interchange. The brighter blue in the I-180 shields is indicative of recent posting (compared to many of the I-180 shields along the expressway).


Exit 20 is Fairfield Road, a local road connecting I-180/US 220 to Old US 220 on the east side of Montoursville.


The Lycoming Mall has its own partial interchange to a road with its namesake.


The Mall exit. There are ramps only for access to/from the west.


An oversized and very faded Pennsylvania I-180 shield next to a smaller US 220 shield at the Lycoming Mall interchange.


The next exit is the final exit of the I-180/US 220 duplex. US 220 north is signed on an old, worn overhead sign at the Lycoming Mall Road overpass.


Just like the PA 87 interchange, the US 220 interchange is signed first with a shield and then with a text designation (US 220). For westbound traffic, Exit 15 is the way to the Lycoming Mall.


The eastern split interchange is a simple diamond interchange. US 220 north of here is a mainly rural road most of the way to New York. I-180 curves to the south around Muncy to I-80 near Milton. You can see through the US 220 sign.


US 220 southbound, soon to join I-180, is a two lane road. Once I-99 is completed, this will be the last two-lane segment of US 220 until meeting the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Bedford.


Two fonts are shown on these I-180 shields at the onramp to I-180/US 220 at the eastern split.


Local Names

15 North Appalachian Thruway
220 South Appalachian Thruway
Susquehanna Beltway
180 15 220 Triplex Interstate 180
15 South Market Street
180 220 Duplex Interstate 180
180 East Interstate 180
220 North Lycoming Mall Road


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