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Index to photos of roads with more than one assigned route number

States hosted here at m-plex.com:

Pennsylvania Multiplexes · The Keystone 432: 397 duplexes, 31 triplexes, 3 quadruplexes, and a weird quintuplex. Also, a few bike route duplexes, decommissioned multiplexes, and future multiplexes.
Maryland Multiplexes · Lots of hidden multiplexes, with a few signed ones for good measure. View the image-based or text-based indices.
Delaware Multiplexes · 60 multiplexes in the first state. View the image-based or text-based indices.
District of Columbia Multiplexes · Five duplexes in the nation's capital.
Alaska Multiplexes · The one and only: AK 1/AK 4.
Hawai`i Multiplexes · The brief merger of Hawai`i Belt Road and Hualalai Road.
  Other States · Links to other multiplex photo galleries, including a temporary photo directory for multiplex photos from other states not yet covered on the web.
Random Multiplex · With photo pages of multiplexes in this site, maybe you haven't seen this one before.... (Requires Javascript)
Terminology · Learn what a hidden three-way nonuplex is.
Superlatives · Which multiplex has the most route numbers? is the longest? appears the most times? ...



Photographing and Submitting Multiplex Photos:

If you have photos of these multiplexes or can photograph them, please send an email. Also, please send me a quick email before sending any photos! Perhaps someday this collection, with the help of many, could be complete.

The goal is to have, for each multiplex:

Two photos along the multiplexed road, one photo in each direction of travel: each showing the reassurance/confirmation shields and the road. Note that not all multiplexes are signed with these signs, but a photo of the road is still desired.

Two photos approaching each split: one view heading along the multiplex and showing the intersection and signs where the road splits, and another view heading toward the split from one of the merging roads.

Ideally then, an isolated duplex will have at least 6 photos: two along the multiplex and two at each of the two splits. The PA 233/PA 850 page is a great example.

Other multiplexes will have more photos because there may be several segments and splits. For example, US 11/PA 34/PA 74/PA 641 has 4 segments (US 11/PA 34, PA 74/PA 641, US 11/PA 74/PA 641, and US 11/PA 641) and 5 splits (US 11 and PA 34; PA 74 and PA 641; US 11/PA 641 and PA 74; US 11 and PA 641; and an intersection of US 11/PA 34, PA 34, PA 74/PA 641, and US 11/PA 74/PA 641).

Of course, I will accept any number of photos for a multiplex. The above are just guidelines. One might consider photographing places other than the splits. Other good ideas include: mileage signs, little white signs/milemarkers/reference markers, unusual signs or destinations, shots of the roads leaving the multiplex, and bridges.

States I'm interested in covering: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Alaska, District of Columbia, and Hawai'i. Some other states are covered by other webmaster, and some states are not covered by anyone. If you have photos for other states or provinces, I suggest submitting your photos to existing multiplex galleries or, if there isn't one, starting your own multiplex photo gallery web site. If you choose to start such a site, let me know the URL and I'll add it to the multiplex links page.


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