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75 80

MD 75(N-S)/MD 80(W-E) Duplex

Maryland Routes 75 and 80 join for 0.16 miles near Green Valley in Frederick County.

Timothy Reichard 1/13/03

Signs at the junction of MD 75 south and MD 80. MD 75 briefly joins MD 80 to the left.


Brian Polidoro

The same intersection, the western split, as seen from MD 80 east. The duplex begins in the foreground and lasts only to the traffic signals ahead.


Brian Polidoro

Following MD 75 south onto MD 80, once the left turn signal turns off, the right turn signal turns on. MD 75 leaves MD 80 at a traffic signal.


Timothy Reichard 1/13/03

The view of the eastern split interchange from MD 75 north. MD 75 is Green Valley Road, and MD 80 is Fingerboard Road.


Timothy Reichard 1/13/03

Westbound on MD 80, MD 75 splits here at the western split, the same intersection as in the first photo.



Local Names

75 North Green Valley Road
80 WestFingerboard Road
75 80 Duplex Fingerboard Road
75 South Green Valley Road
80 EastFingerboard Road


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