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MD 312(N-S)/MD 480(E-W) Duplex

Maryland Routes 312 and 480 join for 0.88 miles through Ridgely in Caroline County.

Timothy Reichard 3/22/03

Eastbound on MD 312/MD 480 west of Ridgely. This duplex traverses a very flat area of Caroline County between Tuckahoe Creek and Choptank River on the way to Ridgely.


Timothy Reichard 3/22/03

Almost a mile to the east, the two state routes split in Ridgely, a small, rural community between Hillsboro and Greensboro.


Timothy Reichard 3/22/03

MD 312 south follows a wide street on the way to the eastern split. MD 312 makes a right onto MD 480 here, and the duplex begins to the right.


Timothy Reichard 3/22/03

The same location as seen from MD 480 west. MD 312 joins from the right.


Timothy Reichard 3/22/03

Reassurance shields westbound in Ridgely.


Timothy Reichard 3/22/03

About a mile to the west, the two routes split again. MD 312 turns south and MD 480 continues west, both leading to MD 404.


Timothy Reichard 3/22/03

Two-lane MD 312 gains a right turning lane at MD 480 at the western split.



Local Names

312 NorthCentral Avenue
480 East Ridgely Road
312 480 DuplexRidgely Road
Sixth Street
312 SouthDownes Station Road
480 West Sixth Street


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