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16 331

MD 16(E-W)/MD 331(N-S) Duplex

Maryland Routes 16 and 331 join for a lengthy 4.58-mile duplex from Preston to Waddells Corner in Caroline and Dorchester Counties.

Brian Polidoro

Northbound on MD 16/MD 331, one of the longer of Maryland's few signed state route duplexes. This is the southern beginning of the duplex.


Brian Polidoro

MD 318 ends at the duplex near Ellwood.


Brian Polidoro

The duplex follows the Underground Railroad Tour (link to .pdf file from the Maryland State Highway Administration), one of many of Maryland's signed Scenic Byways.


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Northbound reassurance shields near MD 318. The duplex leaves Dorchester County and enters Caroline County at the bridge.


Brian Polidoro

Minor state route MD 817 begins after the bridge.


Brian Polidoro

A mile to the north, MD 16 splits off to the east, bound for more multiplexes near Denton, MD and in Delaware.


Brian Polidoro

MD 331 continues northwestward to Easton.



Local Names

16 East Harmony Road
331 North Main Street, Preston
16 331 Duplex Main Street, Preston
Preston Road
East New Market - Elwood Road
16 West East New Market - Elwood Road
331 South Wendells Corner Road


Terraserver Imagery

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