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I-70(E-W)/US 40(E-W) Eastern Duplex
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Interstate 70 and US Route 40 join twice. The eastern duplex spans 29.3 miles from West Friendship to Frederick in Howard, Carroll, and Frederick Counties.

Timothy Reichard 12/21/02

Eastbound on I-70/US 40 near the eastern split. Most of I-70 between Frederick and Ellicott City was built by upgrading the US 40 divided highway. Nearing Baltimore, US 40 had too much development to warrant upgrading, and so an I-70 alignment was chose to the north to feed into Baltimore. As a result, the two highways split here and take separate routes into Baltimore.


Timothy Reichard 12/21/02

I-70/US 40 widens to four lanes, with two exiting as US 40 and two staying as I-70.


Timothy Reichard 12/21/02

The I-70/US 40 split. US 40 is a divided highway for most of its remaining eastbound journey to Delaware. To the west, US 40 is mainly a freeway almost to Pennsylvania. I-70 east heads straight toward Baltimore from here to end at a Park & Ride lot at the city line.


Timothy Reichard 9/3/02

US 40 westbound leaving the Baltimore area and Ellicott City. There is little warning that the divided highway is about join a major interstate, I-70.


Timothy Reichard 9/3/02

US 40 narrows to an onramp to I-70. Thus begins the trek to Frederick on I-70/US 40.


Timothy Reichard 1/13/03

The first westbound exit is for MD 32, which is itself a rural freeway several miles to the south.


Timothy Reichard 8/25/02

Exit 76 is the second exit westbound after US 40 joins I-70. MD 97 serves as a bypass around Westminster about 20 miles to the north. MD 97 runs concurrently on that bypass with MD 140, the downgraded child route of US 40.


Timothy Reichard 8/25/02

Reassurance shields westbound.


Timothy Reichard 8/25/02

MD 94 begins at this interchange and heads south to end at the Howard/Montgomery County line, rather than ending at another state route. Right next to I-70/US 40, MD 94 meets old US 40 (now MD 144) at a roundabout.


Timothy Reichard 9/3/02

The north end of MD 94 at I-70/US 40. MD 94 crosses the freeway over an overpass and then ends at the ramps on the other side.


Timothy Reichard 8/25/02

The number 68 is seen in three different contexts along both I-70/US 40 duplexes in Maryland. The first occurrence is as a route number here at the MD 27 exit. MD 27 is one of the main north-south routes in the area.

The next occurrence of the number 68 is between the duplexes with US 40. MD 68 meets I-70 at Exit 18, or about 17 miles from the beginning of I-68. There are plenty of signs at the MD 68 exit that try to make the distinction between I-68 and MD 68.


Timothy Reichard 8/25/02

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Local Names

70 WestEisenhower Memorial Highway
40 West Frederick Freeway
70 40 DuplexBaltimore National Pike
70 EastInterstate 70
40 EastBaltimore National Pike

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