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Truck PA 61 (Sunbury) with two-way traffic lights

Timothy Reichard 8/6/02

This is two-way Second Street (straight ahead) and one-way Truck PA 61 southbound (heading left to right) in Sunbury, PA. Even though Truck PA 61 is a one-way street, there are traffic signals here for the wrong direction.


PA 322 on the State College bypass

Timothy Reichard 2/3/02

A brand new PA 322 shield has popped up on the Mount Nittany Expressway around State College, PA. This is US 322 westbound (correctly signed at the right) approaching the under-construction I-99/US 220 exit. There is a second goof here: The sign on the right should be covered up, since the exit has not been completed or opened.


PA 322 west of Port Matilda

Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

Centre County, PA can't decide on which shield type US 322 should have. US shield, or PA keystone shield? Take this exit off of US 322 westbound, west of Port Matilda. (This sign has no error. I included it to show where the next several photos were taken.)


Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

Next turn left onto Reese Hollow Road to go back under US 322, and this PA 322 goof stands. US 322 is divided, and this road lets you change direction.


Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

Next you will encounter a correct US 322 shield. So all is well now. Well, not quite. Look at where this two-lane road splits for the left turn ahead.


Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

At the left turn, another PA 322 is posted. The reassurance shield along US 322, though illegible in this photo, is correct.


Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

If you turn around at this point, more PA 322 shields point traffic back to US 322 westbound.


Timothy Reichard 7/14/02

And one last PA 322 at the Reese Hollow exit.


PA 422 southeast of Reading

Timothy Reichard 8/13/01

This PA 422 shield is posted a few feet from US 422. US 422 is actually just off the left edge of the photo—there must be a better way back on the highway to the right. This photo was taken at a gas station entrance/exit just east of Business US 422's eastern terminus near Reading.


PA 15 near Lewisburg

Timothy Reichard 2001

An isolated PA 15 shield where River Road meets US 15 south of Lewisburg, PA. Below the shield is an old-style JCT sign, which normally would appear above the shield.



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